• Conversation Club

    Spanish Club was born out of the desire to practice Spanish because it's the language that filled many of our households growing up. Conversations over dinner, stories told by your abuelita, laughter with primos y primas during summer visits to Latin America.

    But as life unfolded, the language that once flowed so naturally can start slipping away, like sand through your fingers. We can find ourselves fumbling for words, struggling to keep up in conversations, and feeling like a piece of your identity is slipping away.

    Spanish Club is a place where we embrace our imperfect Spanish and improve it through conversations.

    It's reviving your language and feeling closer to your cultural roots, all while having fun in a judgement free zone with other people who 'get it'.

    Club Benefits:

    🗣️ Live Conversational Classes: Connect with your heritage by engaging in live, interactive conversational classes with other Spanish speakers just like you. Practice, learn, and grow your language skills in a welcoming environment over a variety of topics.

    🌎 Supportive Community: Become a part of a community who 'get it'. Share experiences, stories, and celebrate the beauty of your Latinx heritage together.

    🤓 Learn Slang and Idiomatic Expressions: Dive into the richness of Spanish – the slang, the idioms, the everyday language that binds us together as a community.

    🎉 Welcome to a place where your language and culture are celebrated, where you can revive your Spanish, and where you're never alone in your journey. Join our Spanish Club today, and let's connect, learn, and grow together! 🌟🗣️🌎