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Spanish Club ($5 for a limited time 🎉)

Spanish Club ($5 for a limited time 🎉)


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Spanish Club was born out of the desire to practice Spanish because it's the language that filled many of our households growing up. Conversations over dinner, stories told by your abuelita, laughter with primos y primas during summer visits to Latin America.

But as life unfolds, the language that once flowed so naturally can start slipping away if you don't practice it.

That's where Spanish Club comes in! We're all about embracing our imperfect Spanish and enhancing it, one 30-minute conversation at a time. Schedule your Spanish Club meetup above. You will receive the link to join the virtual conversation session after your purchase.

Suitable for intermediate to advanced speakers who can participate in dialogue. 

Club Benefits:

🗣️ Live Conversational Classes: Practice and improve your Spanish by with live, interactive conversations with other Spanish speakers just like you.

🌎 Supportive Community:  A judgment-free zone with a community who share similar experiences and desires to improve their Spanish.

🎉 Welcome to a place where your language and culture are celebrated: Reignite your language, get closer to your cultural roots, and have a blast while doing it. Join our Spanish Club today, and let's connect, learn, and grow together! 🌟🗣️🌎 

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